The National Dialogue for Healthcare Innovation (NDHI) was formed by the Healthcare Leadership Council, a coalition of chief executives representing all sectors of American healthcare, as an interactive forum where leaders from across the healthcare industry can work toward consensus on the most important issues affecting healthcare innovation, and ultimately, patient care.

The Summit convened one hundred and seven high-level representatives from across healthcare and focused on identifying areas of consensus and alignment, as well as raising divergent viewpoints and key issues surrounding physician-industry collaboration. 

The NDHI held its inaugural event, the NDHI Summit on Physician-Industry Collaboration, on October 4, 2010 in Washington D.C.  The meeting was a first-of-its-kind cross-disciplinary dialogue on the issue of collaboration between physicians, industry, and other stakeholders in the U.S. healthcare ecosystem that drives innovation for the benefit of patients.

As part of NDHI’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness, educate key stakeholders and inform decision makers of the importance of principled physician-industry collaboration NDHI held a Congressional briefing in Washington, D.C on June 13, 2012. More than 130 attended the briefing, including over 60 Congressional staff with representation from both parties and chambers, as well as several committees with healthcare jurisdiction, for a discussion on how to ensure principled physician-industry collaboration that serves the public interest and furthers the discovery of new cures, treatments and medical technologies. Attendees heard from a panel of experts representing industry, professional societies, patient advocacy groups and academic medical centers, as well as a clinical trial patient.

The following information is available to you on this site:

  • An Executive Summary of the Summit proceedings
  • A preliminary inventory of resource materials, including articles and codes of conduct on the topic of physician-industry collaboration
  • More information about the Summit and follow-up activities
  • Innovation case studies: examples of healthcare innovation that have resulted from principled physician-industry collaboration
  • NDHI Consensus Statement on Principles Around Physician-Industry Collaboration
  • June 2012 NDHI Congressional Briefing on The State and Future of Physician-Industry Collaborations:
    • Spreading Some Sunshine on the Outlook for Innovative Patient Care