NDHI Summit


The National Dialogue for Healthcare Innovation (NDHI) was created by the Healthcare Leadership Council, an alliance of chief executives of the nation’s leading healthcare companies and organizations representing all health sectors.  The purpose of NDHI is to bring together leaders from private sector healthcare, government, academia, business and patient organizations to focus on issues affecting the course for healthcare’s future.

The NDHI initiative began in 2010 and directed its efforts toward the issues surrounding physician-industry collaboration.  Through an NDHI Summit on the issue in Washington, DC and subsequent working group deliberations, a diverse array of organizations reached consensus on a statement of principles emphasizing the value of physicians and industry working together on behalf of patients while underscoring the importance of transparency and researcher independence. 

In 2015, the focus of NDHI is the importance of incentivizing innovation and elevating value in healthcare delivery and payment systems.  A March 2 NDHI Summit at the Newseum in Washington, DC will involve prominent leaders from over 70 influential companies and organizations to examine barriers to health innovation in the status quo and how new payment and delivery structures can enable patient access to life-changing innovations while achieving greater affordability and financial sustainability.